Saturday, February 18, 2012

Best Friend Series News...

  Ruby Lioness Press has offered me a 4 book contract for my YA series called Best Friend Series (there will be 8 books total in the series). These books will be geared toward high school students.

Book one is targeted to release September 2012

Book two December 2012

Book three April 2013

Book four June 2013

Here is information on the series:

Welcome to Claycreek, a small town in upstate New York.

The Best Friend Series will follow this group of girls that grew up together as they deal with the pressures of High school life. These books will always end on a positive note with a lesson learned.

Dana Adams
Taylor Jones
Heather Moore
Tina Clarke
Alexis Wright
Kara Sanders

Here are the summaries for books 1- 4:

Book One : Standing Strong
Topic: bulling

Heather a freshman is floating on cloud nine after Marc a popular sophomore asks her to The Snowball Dance. She can't stop dreaming about the possibilities of her first real date and maybe her first kiss. She has so much to think about, what to wear, how to do her hair, and what accessories she needs. The news of Heather and Marc's date travels fast in a small school and it ignites anger in Lucy who wants Marc for herself. Lucy sets out to make Heather’s life hell and tarnish her reputation.  Heather’s friends do help her stand strong against the person that bullying her.

Book Two: Runs Deep
Topic: cutting

Taylor a sophomore seems like the happy go lucky person on the outside, but on the inside she is afraid and feels very much alone. Her mother’s is a drug addict and her father works two jobs and is never around. Taylor has her friends all fooled, they think that she just brushes off the pain and humiliation. Inside she is dying and can’t find an outlet for the pain. She refuses to turn to drugs or alcohol.
One night after Taylor gets into a fight with her father she feels like she has nothing left in her to give. He takes a knife and slices her thigh. The pain is intense but yet she finally feels in control of something. That night sets her a path that could destroy her. Can a friend that finds out what’s going on be her saving grace?

Book Three: Fitting In
Topic: Drinking /Drugs

It’s Saturday night and Tina a freshman and her friends are invited to a huge party being thrown by a senior. Once at the party the girls are offered beer. Tina’s friends are all older than her and they each take a glass. Tina’s never drank before so she politely declines. A few of her friends tease her so she gives in and takes a glass.
A few weekends later the girls are at another party and Tina is downing the beers pretty fast. She is feeling no pain from the excessive drinking and the room is filled with marijuana smoke. As her friends dance and talk around her Tina’s world is spinning and the last thing she remembers is passing out until she wakes up in the hospital with alcohol poising.

Book Four: Rumors & Reputations
Topic: oral sex

Dana a junior has been dating Kevin for a month now and he wants her to go down on him. He told her it was no big deal that all the girls do it and that if she really liked him she would show him how much.

That weekend Dana fearing that he would dump her for another girl decides that she will please him with her mouth. After all her friends told her oral sex is nothing, it’s just the next step from making out. They told her it was no big deal and it really meant nothing. Friday night Dana used all the tips her friends told her and all the info she found on the internet to orally please Kevin. She wasn’t expecting the amount that spilled into her mouth, she gagged and spit it out. Kevin was mad and ended their date by taking her home.

 Monday at school Dana wanted to die. The whole school seemed to know what happened. Dana thought the only way the teasing would stop was if she learned to do it right. She just needed to find a willing guy or two that would teach her. What she didn't know was the reputation she was beginning to form.

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